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  • tahi

    Migration: The Untold Story

    The story of the greatest human migration of all time - the voyage of discovery undertaken over 4,000 years by our Polynesian tupuna.
    Ian Taylor: "I was introduced to the untold story of the greatest migration in the history of mankind by Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith, the principal investigator for National Geographic's genographic project, 'From Africa to Aotearoa'. It is the amazing story of how a small band of humans left Africa 60,000 years ago, spread across the entire world and finally journeyed here to Aotearoa, New Zealand - the longest and most dangerous leg of the human journey."


  • rua


    Sentinel of The Ocean

    Live Ocean is raising funds and working with Southern Seabirds Solutions Trust to identify and accelerate positive action including satellite tracking, seabird smart fishing practices and innovation. Albatrosses and other seabirds are ship followers and are accidentally caught when longlines are being set by commercial fishing vessels.


  • toru

    Sails vs Wings

    The designers of the schooner America could never have imagined that one day, boats would fly over the water! In 1851, not only did the schooner America win what was to become the America's Cup; the city of the current holder, Auckland, New Zealand was founded. This journey of the America’s Cup from 1851 off the Isle of Wight to Auckland in 2021 was made as part of the Mātauranga Online Learning Platform.


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